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Green Web Hosting

September 4, 2018

It’s easy to see how the homes we live in and the cars we drive have a carbon footprint, but did you know that websites have one too?

That’s because web hosting servers rely on energy from the grid, and the majority of that energy comes from fossil fuels. It’s estimated that each web hosting server produces nearly 1,400 pounds of CO2 each year. By 2020, the web hosting industry is slated to surpass the airline industry in environmental pollution.

And with millions of servers around the world and many more to come, you can begin to see why green web hosting is so important.

As a certified B Corporation member of 1% for the Planet, TGW Studio is committed to reducing the environmental impact of our business at every turn, even in digital spaces. Going green with GreenGeeks web hosting is one way that we do this.

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