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Meet Aida

June 5, 2019

We’re bursting at the seams this month to tell you about our exciting new project at TGW Studio, Aida. We’ve partnered with Cris Van Grol (our in-house photographer + dear friend), who is also a mother and doula, to breathe life into an idea she had during her own struggles in postpartum.

Aida is a new digital tool that makes it easy to ask for help from loved ones and guides you through postpartum. This postpartum tool guides you through creating a postpartum plan and easily connects it with your network of trusted family and friends that can be there to lend a helping hand—all with the push of a button from your phone or computer. It also provides postpartum education to both you and your chosen helpers/support team to inform all involved in your experience. Aida is the postpartum help coordinator we, as parents, always wish existed.

At the studio, a big inspiration behind Aida is that we're [almost] all relatively new parents with toddlers and babies—we wish Aida had been around for us. Truly. When Cris came to us with the idea, we knew we wanted to help her make this a reality. This is going to change lives, people.

Check Aida out (now funding on Kickstarter) and please help spread the word so that parents can get the postpartum experience they deserve, the help they deserve. Help us make help happen.

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