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Pioneer Millworks

Reclaimed Wood Products Gleam on New Web Platform

Embracing our client’s challenges as our own, we built a striking adaptive website by employing Pioneer Millwork’s new creative and enhancing the overall user experience.

Laying the groundwork

Strategic Goals

Identifying Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Enhancing Sales CTAs

Key Data Collection Points

Enhancing experience for both B2B + B2C prospect customers

Simplifying lead/prospect capture

Our Solution

Functionally, the website seamlessly integrates the Salesforce Application Programming Interface (API) on the Drupal 7 framework (the stuff that’s required on the backend for a site with such needs).

services provided
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Pioneer Millwork’s robust galleries, sub galleries, deep categorization needs and filtering requirements demand a reliable database - one that includes both seamless UX and

that accommodates the hundreds of gorgeous product and recent project photography.

Love it? Save it!

We released an intelligent “My Saves” user functionality allowing users to easily save imagery and ideas while they browse and, should they choose, infinitely scroll.

Other key functional areas of the site include payment portals, spec sheets, user account creation, social and marketing integrations and more!

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