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Red Jacket Orchards

Core Partners in the Orchard & on the Shelf

Our challenge is to frequently design and deploy authentic campaigns that break through a highly saturated cold-pressed juice category across many different national retailers.

from apple orchard to big apple

New York City Love

Red Jacket has been making moves across NYC's bodegas, Whole Foods, and Farmers Markets. They have a rich history with New York and we ensure this love affair is known and remembered.

Local Love

Local is important to Red Jacket and we help them execute dozens of local print and digital ads, POST magazine submissions, and local event creative and coordination. Their newly launched farm store page on Facebook in Geneva further proves their love for the community.

services provided

We run account-specific marketing tactics to penetrate consumers and buyers alike in specific geos and demos. Working directly with Red Jacket's sales team allows for a constant stream of communications on priorities and the capability to shift marketing strategies on a dime.

As a result, Red Jacket experienced 20% YOY Velocity growth average at existing retailers.

packaging & all creative

While Red Jacket sits in national retailers’ shelves with its “original local farm” vibe, our goal is to continually exude the essence of both their farm and family-owned aesthetic. While many larger brands attempt to position themselves as authenticly "rustic" and local, this is who Red Jacket is and has been from the early days 60+ years ago.

Digital and Social Growth

200% social community growth

Red Jacket has experienced 200% social growth across channels while running campaigns integrating organic content, paid digital ads, influencer programs, and more.

shopper marketing & promotions

Yes, we implement strategic email marketing programs, too!


We performed an entire mobile and desktop rebuild of the Red Jacket site, moving it to Shopify to increase 1. overall security and 2. stability. This allows for an aggressive ecomm and subscription "Juice of the Month" campaign. Resulting in...

130% increase in page views

shopper marketing & promotions

In-Store and Digital

Traditional coupons and outside-the-box digital promotions bring strategic foot traffic and sales via true mixed-media campaigns.

Account Specific Marketing

Sales presentations, relationship building with buyers, digital and social media buying and management, social demo and geographic targeting and custom audience building, landing page development, and promoting user-generated content to create brand loyalty!

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